The Rod-D-Vise is the hottest new fishing accessory on the market!

Get your gear together and get organized! No more fumbling with your poles and tackle box, no more throwing the poles in the boat or back of the camper, and no more tossing the poles into the corner of the garage!



The Rod-D-Vise was designed with YOU in mind and mounts easily onto your tackle box for ease of carrying your gear down to your boat or favorite fishing hole. Mount them on your box, or get one of our sturdy aluminum multi-rack packs for mounting in the camper shell, boat, or garage! Buy them in bulk and use them for hanging wires, cables and more!

Made from lightweight and durable ABS plastic, combined with stainless springs and hardware insure your product will last a lifetime…we guarantee it!

ROD-D-VISE…The ULTIMATE Multi-Purpose clamp!

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The Ultimate Multi-Purpose Clamp